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What are the main causes of cauda equina syndrome and how is it diagnosed?

If you have pain in your lower back, are finding your legs are going numb and it is difficult to walk, you could be suffering from something called cauda equina syndrome.

What is cauda equina syndrome, how is it usually caused and how is it diagnosed? Read on to find out.

What is cauda equina syndrome? -- This is the medical term for a syndrome that causes you to have pain in your lower back, numb legs and feet, loss of bladder control and even pain around the anus. It can also result in you losing control of your bowels.

It is caused by injury to nerves at the bottom of your lower back. These nerves are called the cauda equina.

In other words, it is an extremely serious medical condition and you should seek immediate medical help if you think you are suffering from it.

What are the causes of cauda equina syndrome? -- The causes of the syndrome can be anything from an injury to your lower back to cancer. They can also be caused by a herniated disc, an abscess or any kind of trauma to that area.

Cauda equina syndrome is also being seen more and more often in people that are obese, as the weight compresses the cauda equina nerves and causes the syndrome to kick in.

How is it diagnosed? -- The syndrome is diagnosed by an examination followed by either a CAT scan or an MRI. It is easy for a medical technician to see the syndrome on x-rays.

How is it treated? -- In most cases, surgery is mandated. It must also be carried out soon, as the longer it is put off the less chance there is of it being successful. You may contact MRH Solicitors Bolton for more ideas.

Once surgery has been completed and the patient has rested, physical therapy will then be mandated over a period of weeks or months.

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